Asian food pattern: Rise in Gluten

shutterstock_297610034The Asian food pattern is more or less starting to lean toward western culture and diet. From noodles to pasta, from rice to pizza and many more food are bringing the Asians into the danger slipping into the gluten dilemma.

Western diet had a long list of food based on gluten. Wheat based food are mainly the staple food for westerners. With the trend hitting on the modern and young Asians, coeliac disease will increase in Asia as it is in the west.

Why a Gluten Free diet is recommended?

1% of people in the world develop antibodies against gluten. These antibodies start attacking the small intestines resulting in the demise of the villi, tiny folds of the intestine that helps in nutrients. Coeliac diagnosed patients suffer abdominal pain, bloating and are usually malnourished. This can also lead to cancer. Anyone is prone to this disease, and treatment requires a gluten-free diet for the rest of the life.

Gluten-free diet taken up by many

In Singapore especially, many young adults have taken up a gluten free diet. The current crop of working adults are more conscious of their well-being. They exercise regularly, hitting the gym, running almost every weekday and also watching their food calorie intake on a disciplined-system. Under-taking the gluten-free diet, one is able to manage their weight more closely and achieve their desired results in a better manner.

No Lack of options when you switch

Once you have switched to a gluten-free diet, the options are not limited. Gluten-free products, food, meals are all available in super-marts and restaurants respectively to cater to the growing demands. So you can have your favourite pasta and bread selection which are available gluten-free.

Digestion swims back to shore

Your digestion problems will be solved when you totally remove gluten, which causes havoc to your small intestines. No more cramps, gas, bloating, diarrhoea or stomach upsets with gluten-free products and food intake.

Don’t miss out on your energy intake

Healthy food with gluten can end up making your vitamins and minerals go lost and result in malnutrition. You will feel less energized because of losing these important vitamins and nutrients not being absorbed by your system. Same goes to iron when its not being absorbed, it makes a person become anaemic.  When you take up gluten-free diet, the need for a caffeine drink to boost your energy won’t be necessary as nutrient from your gluten-free meals are not lost.


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