Invent the Future of Grilling with BBQs 2u’s Kamado Joe Konnected Joe

BBQs 2u specializes in offering an extensive selection of Kamado Joe and Napoleon barbecues, along with a range of high-quality accessories.

Their focus on exceptional customer service, robust after-sales support, and durable barbecues designed to withstand the UK’s climate sets them apart as the premier barbecue suppliers.

With the Kamado Joe Konnected Joe Digital Charcoal Grill and Smoker, you can now discover a new era of ceramic grilling.

Connected Joe simplifies the process of starting a fire.  To light your charcoal, just push the Automatic Firestarter button.

Then, use the digital Kontrol Board or Kamado Joe App to set your preferred cooking temperature, and let the Kontrol Fan take care of the rest.

The Konnected Joe’s several cooking modes let you enjoy smoking and grilling kamado in your own unique style.

Try the Classic mode for a more authentic Kamado experience, or opt for the fully digitally controlled Automatic cook option.

Why should you buy it?

The following are a few good reasons to purchase Kamado Joe Konnected Joe.

1.     Smart connectivity

The Kamado Joe Konnected Joe brings IoT capabilities to your grilling experience, enabling remote control and monitoring via a user-friendly smartphone application.

You can stay connected to the grill from anywhere, receiving real-time updates on cooking temperature, progress, and beyond.

2.     Precision temperature control

The Konnected Joe offers precise temperature control, whether you are searing a steak at high heat or slow-smoking ribs, ensuring consistently delicious results every time you grill.

3.     Versatile cooking options

The Kamado Joe Konnected Joe is an all-in-one grill, perfect for a wide range of cooking techniques, from low-and-slow smoking to high-temperature searing, and versatile enough for grilling, roasting, baking, and smoking.

4.     Large cooking area

The generous cooking area of the Konnected Joe offers plenty of space for preparing meals, whether it is a cozy family dinner or a lively backyard barbecue gathering.

Whether you are cooking for a small group or a large crowd, this grill has the capacity to meet your needs.

5.     Durable construction

This Kamado Joe Konnected Joe is crafted with premium materials to withstand the elements and deliver years of dependable performance.

Its efficient ceramic shell retains heat, while the robust cart and stainless-steel components enhance its durability.

Whether braving the elements or regular use, this grill is designed to endure and excel.

6.     Easy-to-clean ash system

The Konnected Joe simplifies post-grilling cleanup with its ash removal system. Just empty the ash drawer, and you are all set for your next culinary adventure without any hassle.

Few more benefits that you must know

The Konnected Joe stands out as a powerhouse, revolutionizing the grilling experience with unmatched design, usability, and performance.

Because of a few features like an automatic start, a robust fan, intuitive digital controls, and a user-friendly app, this grill sets a new standard that both novices and seasoned grill-masters can confidently embrace and enjoy.

The wide temperature range of 225°F to 700°F makes the Konnected Joe ideal for both low-and-slow smoking sessions and high-heat searing.

If you are in search of a user-friendly Kamado-style grill, we highly recommend the Konnected Joe for its versatile performance.

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