10 Father’s Day Gifts Ideas

Dad. He was your first role model. Your first hero. He stood by you. Gave you strength and encouragement. Taught you how to be tough enough to face the ups and downs of the real world. He was a pillar and gave you a sense of security. No matter how busy he was with work, he was always there for you when you were growing up. He still encourages you to follow your dreams. And this is why it’s important to find great Father’s Day presents that are thoughtful, symbolic, and that he’ll enjoy. Discover the best Father’s Day gifts including marvellously inspired chocolate gifts you can order from Patchi’s selection online and have delivered straight to your door anywhere in Lebanon, KSA, Bahrain, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.


Father’s Day 2023 is here! And you can’t go wrong with a chocolate gift. Especially if it’s artisanal chocolate made with exclusive recipes, real chefmanship, and premium natural ingredients without preservatives like Patchi. And especially if each and every gift is made in-house at our atelier and factory, right down to the packaging and decorations.

Leave a lasting impression with one of the Leisure Boxes. These bold leather boxes, chic wooden boxes, and large chocolate gift boxes are bound to please dad. Even the Signature Boxes make a statement with the wide array of medium sized gift chocolate boxes. And the best-selling Gourmandines boxes are always a great success.

Simple Father's Day gift ideas


Thinking about gifts for dad? While you can opt for the usual, tried, and tested, you can also go for unique Father’s Day gifts that really suit your dad’s personality. Is your dad a jetsetter, eager to explore different countries? Then get him exotically flavoured chocolates with tastes from all over the world like combawa or chili. If your dad is a classical gentleman, then opt for timeless choices like milk chocolate with crunchy nuts or smooth praline. Does your dad have a sense of humour and love to crack jokes? Then go for something fresh and fruity like chocolate with strawberry, orange, and raspberry. Make the gift even more unique and personalised: Create Your Box! Start by choosing the box size you want and then select the different chocolate flavours and varieties based on what your dad likes.


Here are 10 simple yet great Father’s Day gift ideas:

Share Memories

Get inspired by the past and gift your dad a photo album full of wonderful family snapshots over the years. While digital photos are nice, there’s something magical and tangible about having an album full of printed photos. It’s perfect paired with nostalgically good Pâte à Tartiner Milk Chocolate Spread.

Subscribe to Passion

If your dad loves to listen or watch, then consider getting him an annual subscription to a music or film and series streaming platform. Present it alongside Mug La Détente Chocolat Noir so he can fully enjoy the experience.

Remember the Fun of Play

Your dad used to play with you all the time when you were a child, so what about a board game you can enjoy as adults after family dinners? There’s something refreshing about playing games at any age, just like the refreshing after-dinner burst of Les Larmes Menthe minty freshness.

Dress to Impress

A nice tie, jacket, or pair of jeans could be just what your dad needs if he likes to look and feel good. If he’s into trendy modern style, then pair it with fruity Plaisir Délicieux. And if he’s more classical, the simple yet much loved Les Filliformes Noir.

Discover Something New

Sign your dad up to a workshop. It could be self-defence, carpentry, accounting, improv, or anything else you know he’d be interested in but never got the chance to do before. And since there’s nothing like an experience, also give him an assortment of different chocolate bars with a world of diverse flavours.

Take a Trip

Treat your dad to a trip so he can have some time to himself…or take him on a trip so you can spend quality time together. It doesn’t have to be somewhere far away. Simply going to another city or the countryside or the coast for a long weekend can be wonderful. Make sure he has Sac de Dragées Amandes for the trip to make it extra special.

Get Fit

Get your dad a gym membership or a few sessions with a trainer who can teach him a workout he can do at home. If your dad isn’t interested in the gym or at home workouts, then a simple step counter or more sophisticated fitness tracker can get him moving. Staying active throughout life is so important, especially as we get older. And to satisfy his sweet tooth while being health conscious, get him some delights from the No Added Sugar chocolate collection.

Cook Delights

Instead of taking your dad to a restaurant, cook his favourite dishes yourself. There’s something heart-warming about a homecooked meal. And it goes well with a chocolate gift from Patchi, a HeartMade brand.

See and Feel

Take your dad to a cool event. It could be an immersive art experience, a live performance, or a live sporting event. You’re enjoying the moment, sharing an experience, and making memories together. And to celebrate the moment, give him Patchi’s La Boites Cigars.

Simply Spend the Day Together

Is your dad more of a homebody? Then spend the day with him at home. Watch a film or series together, have good conversations, hangout, and surprise him with a chocolate gift from Patchi delivered straight to his door. It’s an everyday reminder that life is full of happy times, just like the Everyday Boxes collection.


Because he’s larger than life and has been your very own superhero from day one, only the most ultimate Father’s Day ideas and father’s Day gifts will do. This is why a small or large Ultimate Patchi Chocolate Gift Hamper is perfect. It’s more than a gift. It’s a complete experience that unwraps the full extent of Patchi’s savior-faire. The abundantly generous selection of premium chocolates and delights is a tribute to contemporary luxury.

Best Father's Day gifts


Are you a daughter looking for gift ideas for dad? Be as colourful as you are by choosing a box of authentic macarons. The fabulously crunchy yet soft texture and the richness of 11 different flavours from caramel to pistachio awaken all 5 senses. It’s a gift full of colourful moods. An expression of bright feelings that shows dad how much he means to you.


Know someone who’s a new dad? Looking for the best gifts for dad? Have some fun and gift the unexpected! What better way to celebrate someone being a new dad then to give them something that captures the wonder of youth and the playful nature of kids! Patchino by Patchi is not just for kids. It’s also for adults who are young at heart. The whole collection comes to life with cool characters, amusing gadgets, and an appealing choice of gift boxes and bags full of chocolate bars, lollichocs, roundies, bonbons, chocobons, and delights with no added sugar.

father's day gift guide

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