What Services Must an Alcohol Delivery Have in Singapore?

Aside from carrying your top and favorite beverages, it’s also necessary to check on the additional services which an alcohol delivery in Singapore must have. There are specific details which should complete a whole service. This way you can have more fun during your celebrations, without having to worry about other details related to the drinks you’ll be serving.

Ice and ice pack inclusions upon delivery

Beyond merely delivering crates or boxes of alcoholic drinks, it would certainly be helpful if a service has ice along with its items. This should save you a lot of time from having to drop by the store to buy ice and ice pack supplies yourself. As you call up a liquor delivery service, it would be practical to ask if they normally throw in the ice with their products.

Check the extent of service which they can provide

You know you’re speaking with a high quality provider when they can deliver products for various types of occasions. This is important, especially if you’re the event organizer. You will need a reliable liquor delivery service which can supply for wedding receptions, product launches, exhibitions, barbecues, exclusive yacht parties and more.

They allow for discounts and bulk orders

Perks are most welcome, especially if you keep on ordering by the bulk. It would be good if a liquor store in Singapore allows for loyalty programs. One of the more delightful rewards you can gain would be stamped cards. The stamp card concept usually allows for a free bottle each time you buy a certain number of drinks, which are credited in stamps.

See if discounts would also be allowed for every frequency of purchase. You can truly get your money’s worth, especially when you can make the most of every dollar you’ll be paying.

See if they’re precise with steps and the promptness of the deliveries

A top liquor delivery service should make it easy for you to order the drinks on your list. There are high-quality providers who even allow for two steps throughout their process. The first step would merely mean choosing from a list of beverages on their menu, and the second step entails simply calling the shop for your orders. For urgent orders, it is also required for you to check on how much will be charged depending on how soon the delivery would be needed.

Read up on their terms

Each delivery circumstance can be different, depending on the venue and the date of an event. This is why it would also be smart for you to read up on a service’s set of terms and conditions. Some of the terms which you must know would be their delivery schedules and the time it would require for them to bring your ordered goods. Also, consider their terms when it comes to traffic congestions and unfavourable weathers.

These are only a few of the additional qualities which you must look for in an alcohol delivery service. See how each of these features must fit your requirements today.


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