Ways To Reduce Your Gluten Sensitivity

Enjoy your gluten-free diet at GlutenFreeSGNowadays, many people complain of gluten sensitivity and suffer from symptoms of the same. The condition, also known as Celiac disease, causes the inability of the intestine to absorb gluten protein that comes from breaking down certain whole grain or wheat based products in the system. As a result of this, many people suffer from abdominal cramps, discomfort and nausea. These symptoms lead to gluten based allergies.

Why it occurs?

Gluten sensitivity points to a weak gut and digestive system. While it might be a condition that is difficult to remove completely, it might be helpful to change one’s lifestyle and food intake habits in order to strengthen the digestive system besides a gluten-free diet. There are certain digestive enzymes and absence of gut bacteria that aggravates the gluten allergies. Hence, if these are supplemented in the system one can find their symptoms, reducing and increased tolerance for gluten based food products in the future.

Helpful supplements

There are several digestive supplements which can help counter gluten allergy condition such as:

  • You can find supplements that include the digestive enzyme DPP-IV. Such an enzyme in your system will help reduce your reaction to gluten based food items.
  • Probiotic supplements such as Greek yoghurt will help increase levels of gut bacteria. Healthy amounts of gut bacteria will help to strengthen one’s digestive abilities in general.
  • Multivitamin supplements, especially vitamin D3 as well as L-glutamine will help strengthen the immunity system. This will help an individual to have a better digestive system.

These are some of the supplements one can add to their daily diet in order to strengthen their digestive system and immunity system. It is possible to follow a gluten-free diet in Singapore as there are several outlets that offer the right kind of food items and ingredients to support a gluten-free diet.

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