Warming Up the Cold Days

Singapore is known for being a warm and sunny place, but it also has its share of cold days. Being a tropical country, it receives just as much rain as there is sunlight. The months that have the most rainy days are January, April, May, October, November, and December, when it is most rainy. And often comes along with the rainy days is the cold weather. While to some people this may seem a blessing, as there is a less need to turn the air condition unit on, there are some who will find it an inconvenience.

Not only will the rainy days will make you wish to stay indoors all the time, it will also make you wish for warmth.

We have a bunch of habits during the cold days. It is natural for us to cover up with warm clothing: sweaters, jackets, socks and stuff. We keep the heater on, or we snuggle up under the thick sheets. And if we ever managed to leave the comfort of the bed during the cold weather, we do one important thing to warm ourselves up – to eat.

Food helps us keep warm during cold weather. And there is no better food to eat during cold days other than a delicious steamboat in Singapore. Steamboat is a delicious dish that is also known as hotpot in other parts of the world. It is popular among countries in Asia, and it has also gained popularity in other parts of the world. This fondue-like dish has pieces of different kinds of meat, fish, vegetables and mushrooms are placed in a metal pot filled with simmering stock and various kinds of stew. It is a delicious meal that great to enjoy together with family and friends, especially during cold days.

There are a lot of steamboat restaurants all over Singapore nowadays, but for those who want a fuss-free steamboat buffet at their homes, you can always call Le Steamboat. Le Steamboat is an online food delivery service that provides top quality fresh ingredients for steamboat. They have a variety of steamboat ingredients, from meat cuts to seafood. They also provide various set meals that will suit any customer’s palette. For people who enjoy sea food, the shop offers Seafood Fanatic, consisting of Dory fish slices, scallops, and fresh glass prawns. They also have a meal package called The Meat Lovers, which mainly consists of pork cuts and chicken slices. For those who love vegetables, they have the Gimme Greens meal package. It is a hodgepodge of mushrooms and leafy greens. Lastly, they have All About Steamboat, an all out mix of meats, seafood and vegetables. Aside from steamboat ingredients, they also have a variety of soups such as chicken soup and Laksa soup, which are also great for cold weather.

When the days are cold and you just want some comfort food to keep yourself warm, there is nothing better to do than to stay at home and enjoy a steamboat with your loved ones. And Le Steamboat will help you do just that, by providing all the things that you need, straight to your home.

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