The Must-Have Alcohol in Your Parties

Having a major celebration soon? You’ll definitely need to stock up on a couple of beverages to keep the fun going. With well-selected drinks, you and your guests can relish your conversations more. Plus, if some of you have visitors who have refined tastes in alcohol, it would also be good to have a wide range of selections to consider from a store. Ask about some of these items from a liquor store that offers alcohol delivery services in Singapore:

Tequila’s great for free spirited drinkers

This Mexico original only requires a few, small shots for you to get mesmerized by. It’s also typically enjoyed by strong drinkers, and two of its major brands include the Jose Cuervo Tequila Gold and Sauza Hornitos Reposado. Upon calling for a liquor delivery service in Singapore, you’ll find they’re priced at SGD $47 and $66 respectively.

Have some gin for mixers or drink it as is

Whether you’d like to add some lemon juice, mint or just drink it as is, Singapore’s evening parties would not be complete without Gin. Gordon’s Gin is a selection which has been available for about two centuries now. If you’re considering several drinks over at your party, it would also be a fun idea to order this from an online Singapore alcohol store that offers delivery service.

Whiskey for much stronger drinkers

For those who’d like to taste different flavors in their alcohol, there’s whiskey. It’s made to taste like oak and the earth, along with vanilla and malt. Those who are considering a liquor delivery service must add this selection to their list of beverages. Some would like to drink this with water, ice or as is.

If you’d like to have this in your party, you’ll find how a liquor delivery in Singapore has eight selections for you to choose from. Their brands range from Chivas Regal, Jim Beam, Jack Daniel’s, Johnnie Walker and Dewar’s. If you engage with a cheap beer delivery services in Singapore, you can expect to have whiskey at varying prices, from $45 to $110.

Go Russian-inspired with Vodka

Although some would mention how vodka has a slightly medicinal taste, its fruity flavors are found enjoyable by those who drink it. The top four selections which you must try out would be Absolut, Smirnoff, Grey Goose and Belvedere. If you’re looking for cheap alcohol in Singapore, Vodka’s selections would be worth your while. Its prices are roughly at $45, $78 and $80. Amusingly, the four mentioned brands also have differently shaped bottles.

Slowly sip and relish the flavors of Cognac

This type of beverage is for those who’d like to wonderfully enjoy the strong flavors of their alcohol. Two of their well-known brands include Martell and Hennessy. Upon ordering from a store that offers alcohol delivery service, you may check out selections which are priced at $88, $90 and $215. These are sized at 700 ml.

There are more selections which you’ll most certainly be delighted to have in your gatherings. You may even throw in a couple of mixers, towards having a more enjoyable party. See which ones would fit your taste today.

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