Tasting the Sweetness of Life

Life is full of variety; it is almost as if we are eating at a huge restaurant, tasting different kinds of food. And as there are a lot of different kinds of food that are served to us, there are also a lot of different things which happen to us. And as there are many different types of restaurants, we also live different kinds of life. French, Chinese, Italian – all restaurants are different, and so are we humans.

But unlike the food we eat, we do not have choice when it comes to the things that occur in our lives. We do not have the power to select the things that were to happen ahead of us. Sure, a lot of the events that happened in our lives were the results of our own actions. Nevertheless, no matter what we do, the future will always remain unknown and inevitable. Sometimes life tastes sour, like a lemon; there have been times when we felt annoyed by the circumstances. But as people say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. You should always find a way to make the sour moments in your life better. This way you will not have to be stuck with the sour taste that your experience gave you. And while some of us may not like sour food, we cannot deny that these are good for our health. Likewise, these sour experiences are also good for our soul.

Sourness is not the only thing that we humans get to feel. People sometimes experience bitter moments as well. We all know the feeling, especially when we have lost something or someone important to us. Or, it can be the moment when we felt that we are not able to have something that other people have, or a horrible experience that has happened to us. It can be due to the painful hardships that we have been through in the past. The heavy feeling that grips our hearts so tightly that we are unable to think properly is due to the moments which made us feel bitter. And just like sourness, it is unavoidable. Nevertheless, we can get over the bitterness and other distasteful things which had happened to us in the past, and seek for something sweet for a change.

Living a sweet life – there is no doubt that everyone wants to experience it. After experiencing bitterness, we surely want to change and start anew. After all the hardships that we have been through, we all deserve to have something sweet. If you have been poor before but has now been able to save up to start a small business, you may want to start an ice cream store where you can share the sweet things in life with others. FRODES Co. is the ideal partner for you to fulfill that dream. They offer equipment and ingredients for soft serve ice cream in Singapore, as well as gelato and other types of ice cream. If you have been through a great loss, but finally has gotten back on your feet, you should savor the taste of the sweet life you are having. And while you are at it, you might as well share that sweetness with others who need it.

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