Oishi- Why we are the best ice creams and gelatos supplier in Singapore?

Ice creams and gelatos are popular desserts worldwide. While ice creams have been around for quite some time, gelatos are gaining popularity recently. Gelato manufacturer have a higher proportion of milk and a lower proportion of cream and eggs compared to ice creams.

They are also churned at a much slower rate than ice creams. This results in gelatos having less air and being much denser than ice creams. Gelatos are often preferred by those who prefer lighter ice creams.

Ice cream cone Singapore

It does not matter if you like gelatos or ice cream cone Singapore because we, at Oishi are proud to say that we provide the best quality ice creams and gelatos in Singapore. Since 2003, we have been striving to provide innovative and creative products to Singaporeans.

Our products have gained reputation among Singaporeans especially among hotels, restaurants, food catering, shops, canteens, and cafeterias. Our products have gained popularity among the youngsters as well as the elderly people for being tasty and healthy, at the same time.

Among the reasons that contribute to our products being highly sought-after are the convenience of our products which comes in catering packs for easy storage, hygienic and healthy environment which conform to HACCP, nutritious products which are Healthier Choice certified by the Health promotion board in Singapore, and experienced sales personnel to attend to buying needs of customers at all times.


Our service has garnered a lot of awards such as the Singapore Entrepreneurs’ Award 2014, Singapore Excellence Award 2015, Singapore Trusted Quality Brand 2015, FHA 2016 Award, Singapore Quality Brands 2013/2014 as well as the HACCP certification, Certification International SS590:2013, SAC Accredited Certification Body, and Healthier Snack from the Health Promotion Board.

Oishi is here to provide Singaporeans with the dessert items that taste good, aesthetically appealing, as well as refreshingly innovative.

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