How Well Do You Know Your Alcohol?

While most socializing adults have enjoyed their sips or bottles of alcoholic beverages, not many of them may be entirely familiar of their nature along with different kinds. The next time you’ll be organizing an event or throwing a party, it would be great to be familiar with their brands and types. This way, you can make a better informed decision when it comes to considering an alcohol delivery in Singapore.

The numerous lines of whiskey

This drink is quite enjoyable especially for those who are heavy drinkers. Among five of its well-known brands would be Chivas Regal, Jim Beam, Jack Daniel’s, Johnny Walker and Dewars. These manufactured items also have their corresponding taste profiles, which is why it would be best to sample them out through whiskey tasting sessions.

Their price points also vary, so customers would have various choices to consider especially when they’re working on a budget. Rates range from $48 up to $118. If you will be throwing a huge event, then the mid-priced pieces would be quite advisable. For intimate and high-end activities, it would be a good idea for your attendees to go for high end selections and order them from a liquor delivery service.

Get some strong hits from vodka

If you’re the type of drinker who prefers strong selections, then vodka might be worthy for you to consider. It has four well-known brands, which drinkers have come to appreciate: Absolut, Smirnoff, Grey Goose and Belvedere. This type of drink is best taken in itself, without too many variations. Some of their unique types include Blue, Red, Original and Pure Vodka. Each top liquor store in Singapore has this drink since it’s sought after with its smooth texture when taken cold.

Have the filling texture of Cognac

This high quality type of brandy has become widely enjoyable, as it expanded starting from its French roots. In Singapore, its top two brands include Martell and Hennessy. These are roughly priced at $88, $90 and $215. With their dark brown texture, one cannot help but be quite filled with its strong taste.

Tequila for those who go for the fun side of night life

If you like having a citrusy taste in your drink, then you must certainly try having more tequila in your party. This drink has a lighter taste in comparison to vodka, cognac or whiskey. One of its well-known brands include Sauza Hornitos Reposado. Upon calling a top liquor delivery Singapore, you’ll find the product is usually sold at $66.

Get the fun and conversation going with beer

For college parties or crowd-filled events, beer cases would be highly advisable for you to order. You can choose from Tiger Beer, Heineken and up to Carlsberg. These are much more affordable since they’re priced at $56 to $66.

On your next event of party, it’s better to be well-versed on your choices of alcoholic beverages. Acquiring helpful information should enable you to make the best selection the next time around.

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