How the Beer Industry is Changing for the Better

Regardless of where you happen to live in the world, if you are a beer drinker, you couldn’t have failed to notice how small, independent microbreweries have sprung up over the past 10 years. The major breweries have had it good for so long, with beers that are bland-tasting and mass produced, then the tide turned at the beginning of the century, with brewers who grouped together to produce fine pale ales and lagers, specifically for the growing beer connoisseur market, forming alliances and pooling their resources to build small brewing facilities with a retail outlet for those who want to drink on the premises.

Craft Beers

Most beer drinkers have already made the switch to premier craft beers and in New Zealand, beer is almost a way of life for many guys and girls. All it takes to source a local microbrewery is a Google search and you can either visit their pub section or order online via their website. Try a mixed selection if you’re new to craft beer and that should help you to narrow down the products that hit your spot, which might a fine European pilsner or a pale ale and with a couple of cases in your fridge, you are ready for anything the world might throw at you.

Beat the Lockdowns

With a cooler full of craft beer, you are ready for a bit of isolation and when the day’s chores have been completed, you can sit down and enjoy that special moment when that clean taste erupts. Ordering online has never been easier and if you order enough, the delivery will be free, which is even better.

Supporting your Local Community

If you’re a beer drinker, why fill the pockets of the rich corporation executives when you can be supporting families within your own community? Not only that, you are actually getting a much better product that is made with natural ingredients and prices are very reasonable. When your friends realise you have a cooler full of craft beers, they will be visiting often and who could blame them?

When you arrive home after a hard day at work, it is nice to know you are moments away from pouring a cold one and if you would like to view a range of craft beers, use Google to find the website of a leading local microbrewery and order a selection pack or three.

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