Going Dark Maybe Good For You

It really feels satisfying  when you indulge on something without regretting anything. We humans have the tendency to do something in excess depending on our heart’s desire. From playing extended hours of video games to watching movies, or for this case eating boxes of chocolates. These tasty and pleasant fudge-coated  blocks of our desire unfortunately, has a bad reputation for your health.

Back when we were young, our parents prevent us from enjoying too much. Because there will be more frequent visits to the dentist. Adults have issues about its high sugar content that can cause from high blood cholesterol to obesity.

On the contrary, you can still enjoy these nib extracted treats without threatening your health. You can always go Dark. Dark Chocolate is one of the purest variant of the products of chocolate processing. It might be a little bit more bitter in taste, but it has more natural flavor than its sweeter counterparts.

The Benefits of Dark Chocolate

There are a laundry list of health benefits a chocolate lover can get from this variant. There are lot of articles states that it has higher anti-oxidants, that helps to make your skin healthier. Others claim it improves heart health. You can come across around the web for new research claims about it. But it is more enjoyable when you have a whole heartily bite of these tasty treats.

A Classic Recipe with a Dark Twist

Here’s a recipe that most mothers know to bake, that they learned from their mothers and their mother’s mother. This is a classic, but more enjoyable and guilt-free to eat.

Dark Fudge Brownies

Butter 250g
Dark Chocolate 300g
Cocoa Powder (sieved) 40g
Eggs 400g
Sugar (white, refined) 300g
Vanilla Extract or Flavor 15g
Salt 3g
Flour (all-purpose) 340g

For Chocolate Ganache

Dark Chocolate 450g
Heavy Cream 225g
Rum 10g
Chopped Nuts (for toppings) As needed

Equipment Needed:

8-x-8-inch pan

Parchment or wax paper

Electric Mixer (optional)

Rubber Spatula (heat resistant)

Mixing Bowls

Sauce Pot

Wire Whisk

Wire Rack


Directions: Dark Fudge Brownies

1.) Pre-heat Oven at 350 F, Line an 8-x-8-inch pan with parchment or wax paper

2.) Fill Sauce Pot with water half filled, turn on burner until boil, place mixing bowl on top of sauce pot

3.) Put the Dark Chocolate and Butter together in the mixing bowl and melt, gently mix

4.) Stir in Cocoa Powder to combine

5.) In an Electric Mixer or Bowl, whisk to combine eggs, sugar, vanilla extract, and salt on a high speed

6.) Remove the Dark Chocolate-Butter mixture from heat, make sure there no lumps in the mixture

7.) Now gently combine gradually while whisking the egg mixture to the chocolate-butter mixture.

8.) Fold in the Flour to the mixture until they are well combined

9.) Pour the mixture into the parchment-lined sheet pan

10.) Bake at 350 F for approximately 30 minutes, or until firm to touch

11.) Remove brownies from pan with parchment paper, place it on wire rack until it cools down


Directions: Chocolate Ganache

1.) Boil Heavy Cream and pour into chopped dark chocolate in a mixing bowl

2.) Mix until smooth in consistency

3.) Add Rum, Mix until it combines

4.) When it cools down, spread it on top of the brownies

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