French Breakfast And All-Day Brunch In Orchard Road

Several cafes in Orchard Road are located near to shopping malls and shopping streets as these are the areas where most of the tourists visit to spend their time.  The region surrounding Orchard Road is one of the most popular areas in the city and this has lead to rapid urbanization and development of commercial units, banks, embassies, shopping centers, nightclubs and movie theaters. The population in this area includes locals and migrants belonging to various ethnicity and nationality. When it comes to brunch or dining in Orchard Singapore Road, you can easily find some of the best Chinese, French and Thai restaurants that offer pure international cuisines.

Special breakfast and brunch in Orchard Singapore Road

  • Crossroads Cafe, located at 320 Orchard Road is a great place to visit for an unforgettable homely breakfast. Starting from an all-American classic breakfast, the cafe offers a wide range of modern, Chinese, and French breakfast menus. For brunch, you can also try their special Korean dishes and beverages.
  • Joe and Dough is also a great cafe located at the popular mall, Orchard Gateway. The place is known for its special Coffee, made of gourmet Arabica beans. Yet another specialty of the cafe is that they serve a pure breakfast which is free from preservatives and artificial ingredients.
  • Orchard Road hotels are known for their Great Chinese delicacies. For a special Chinese brunch made of Hainanese chicken rice, you must visit Chatterbox, a well-known cafe which is a part of the famous Mandarin Hotel.
  • The Marmalade Pantry has been yet another famed cafe among the locals. The place is perfect for you if you like to enjoy a sumptuous brunch made of seafood varieties.

Finding a great family restaurant

If you are looking for a great family restaurant in Orchard Singapore Road is the right place to be.  For a relaxing meal time with your family, do visit the famed Laurent’s Cafe located on Orchard Road. The place is well known in Singapore for its organic breakfast as well as all-day brunches.

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