Food is best enjoyed when…

What makes food taste great? Was it in the ingredients, their freshness and quality? Was it in the way the food was prepared? Was it in the reputation of the restaurant you are in? Was it the ambiance of the place? We all know that food is a necessity in our lives, but we can never deny that each one of us has a different perspective when it comes to what we eat.

If you ask some people why they love a certain type of food, you will get a lot of different answers, and no doubt they are all correct in one way or another. There are so many reasons for people to enjoy or not enjoy food; it may have something to do with their appetite, or their preferences in cuisine. Some of us enjoy eating Chinese cuisine; others may find it not to their liking. Those who have a penchant for spicy food may like the Indian curry, while some may find it a bit too much for their tastes. Our reaction towards food may also vary because of our beliefs. Some may think eating meat, whether it is beef, pork or chicken, a taboo, but others are not. It may also have something to do with our diet. Some of us preferred eating only vegetables because we avoid fat. We have varied perception when it comes to the kind of food we eat, and we have reasons for loving a certain type of cuisine.

But when do we enjoy food the most, anyway?

Some of us enjoy food when it makes us feel good. There is what people call “comfort food”, when they feel like eating for the sake of feeling better when they are down, or even when they just want to indulge. But there is no denying one fact: food is best enjoyed when you eat together with your loved ones. Having dinner with your entire family, or going to a restaurant with your lover, is one of the most pleasant ways to enjoy eating. We can never forget our favourite meals cooked by our mother when we were children; sometimes we even end up trying to learn the recipe when we grow up. you enjoyed the sweetness of the cake on your birthday because you have friends who are celebrating with you. You will always remember the taste of the wine in your tongue on the first dinner you had with your spouse. You will forget the cold weather when you are at home enjoying a nice steamboat with your loved ones. Sitting around the table with the other members of your family, or even with your closest friends, is a better way to savour your meal than eating out on your own.

We enjoy our food the most, when we have our loved ones to share our happiness with.

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