Brown Rice and Dealing with Diabetes

White rice would receive an exemplary rating when it comes to raising the blood sugar level. It’s because of the following reasons:

  • It scored high in the glycemic index. This is a list that ranks foods based on how they can wreak havoc on your blood sugar.
  • It naturally aids people to develop diabetes.

Every additional serving of white rice every week increases your chance to have diabetes by 10 percent. This means eating more than four times every week. White rice is everywhere because it is commonly used. The fried rice in your favorite Chinese restaurant is white. The Cajun dirty rice is white and also the Mexican rice in your granny’s house. Add more to this the rice pastas and the gluten free bread that come from refined grain.

Brown rice in Singapore is white rice that has not been refined hence its nutrients are intact. Two of the lost nutrients are fiber and magnesium. These are known to regulate blood sugar. There are also studies that revealed that adding brown rice instead of white to your diet can help reduce weight loss and avoid diabetes.

Eat Less Rice in General

By replacing white rice with brown rice is a good means of reducing the risk of diabetes by 16 percent. However eating less rice is the best thing to do. It’s better to eat a lot of veggies with only a half cup of brown rice instead of having a full plate of brown rice with veggies as sprinkles. Having five servings of rice or more every week puts people at risk of type 2 diabetes. You may add a variety of grains that are kinder to the blood sugar such as buckwheat, quinoa, and wheat berries.

Adding Veggies and Beans to Brown Rice

Brown rice is still high in glycemic index; that’s why it’s good to pair it with foods that are naturally rich in fiber and those that only have minimal effect on your blood sugar. Beans and veggies will fall under these two categories. Beans have high fiber content while veggies is free for all when it comes to blood sugar levels.

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