8 Top tips from professional bakers to prepare delicious cupcakes

Baking is one of the funfilled and exciting activities you do in your kitchen and when it comes to cupcakes, nothing can be more satisfying than that. Cupcakes are a treat that brings a smile to everyone’s face and spread positivity and happiness. While you can always order your favorite cupcakes from The Cupcake Room – Cake Shop in Glebe, baking some is also great fun.

While baking cupcakes is one of the most pleasant experiences, it can also be tricky at times. You must have faced situations where your cupcakes sink or do not cook properly from inside. This can ruin the whole mood and be very depressing. Here are some tips from cupcake experts that will help you bake a perfect batch of cupcakes at all times.

  • Follow the recipe in toto

It may sound obvious but many people tend to replace ingredients with the stuff they have or like. For instance, using all-purpose flour instead of cake flour, using lesser sugar or replacing it with liquid sweeteners, using egg whites instead of whole eggs, and many more. You must avoid this practice to ensure your cupcakes are baked perfectly.

  • Keep the ingredients at room temperature

Often recipes mention that some ingredients such as butter must be at room temperature. These instructions are backed with scientific explanations. Failing to adhere to these instructions can fail your cupcakes.

  • Mix appropriately

You must ensure that you are neither under-doing nor overdoing the mix. Under mixing will not let the ingredients bind together and over mixing can result in tough-textured cupcakes.

  • Use high-quality lining

Cupcake lining is as important as the rest of the recipe. You must ensure that you are using a good-quality lining that is also grease-proof. This will prevent your cupcake sides to stick to the lining without oozing them with grease.

  • Fill in the liners just right

Improper filling of liners can result in your cupcakes sinking or overflowing after baking. How much you should fill the liners depends on the recipe you are preparing. In general, a 2/3 fill is ok for most of the recipes.

  • Keep a close check on the temperature

Sometimes, your oven temperature is not what you have set it to be and can be off by a difference from 10 to 100 degrees. This can result in dried, undercooked, heavily brown, or burnt cupcakes. Ensure that the oven temperature is exactly what the recipe suggests.

  • Prepare in batches

Prepare your cupcakes one batch at a time and place the batch at the center of the oven. This is necessary to get the best results as cupcakes get baked equally from all sides. If you have to cook multiple batches simultaneously, make sure you are rotating the tray at intervals.

  • Use bounce-back test

This is an easy way to test whether your cupcakes are baked fully or not. You can keep them in the oven or take them out. Just press the top gently. If the cupcake bounces back fully, they are ready to grace your party table.

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